Burnt Out: Burns Night cheese review

Cheese Supreme

“Och, what a night,” as a Scottish Four Seasons might sing. Much was drunk, little was rhymed, and it was completed with three Scottish cheeses paired with water biscuits, apple slices, and 10 year Glenmorangie (the Highlander’s favourite).

No doubt, the markets have been in constant flux as the world awaits the verdict on Fromology’s first ever “Cheese Supreme” crown, so without further ado:

Barwhey’s Beastie: wins the crown!

Cheese Crown (as sculpted by Tanys Pullin)

The normalcy of the cheddary exterior belies the complex, deeply Scottish flavour within – full of countryside, booze, and spice. A deserved winner, with extra depth than the other cheeses. However, a week more mature, the remains of the Beastie and its now greatly amplified trio of countryside, booze and spice has become a cautionary tale: “Finish your cheese,” mothers say as they tuck in their wide-eyed offspring, “or it’ll become like the Beastie!”

Lanark Blue: also wins!

Lovely Lanark Blue, bluey and creamy and just very nice. Didn’t have the complexity or originalityCheese Crown (as sculpted by Tanys Pullin) of the Beastie, but, a week later, it’s still very approachable and enjoyable and we can all laugh around it without fear of a beating (I’m looking at you Beastie). So the two cheeses share the crown.

And the third? Well, let’s just say that while there was no clear winner, there was definitely a clear loser.

But for what reason did it lose? Aha, well, next week ye shall know…

2 thoughts on “Burnt Out: Burns Night cheese review

  1. I also tried Lanark Blue for the first time last week – quite a fierce one! Haven’t tried Barwhey’s Beastie, so will have to look out for that. Did your ‘loser’ begin with C by any chance?…

    1. Ooh, ours wasn’t too fierce, but maybe it paled in comparison to the fiesty beastie.

      Haha, and yes, you guessed my cliffhanger!

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